Jay Gatsby, Isabelle, Benjamin, and Dexter all fall victim of their own illusion. F. Scott Fitzgerald frequently uses illusion as features as one of the main themes in, arguably, all of his texts. Fitzgerald uses this technique to add depth to character development and to make for much more rich dialogue. He also uses this […]

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.”- Pablo Neruda The idea of the inevitability of time is reinforced all the movie through the use of many different techniques within the multifaceted masterpiece of a movie that is “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”. I will take the use of […]

  Winter Dreams The Great Gatsby Born and brought up in the east Born and brought up in the east Creates his own wealth through his laundry company. Starts poor and eventually thrives with his bootlegging business. The eyes are often referenced: About Judy: The eyes are often referenced: about Daisy: “Her face was sad […]

“All men are created equal”  Was proclaimed within the declaration of independence and is the basis of the so called “american dream”.  Fitzgerald critiques the idea of the american dream and it’s unrealistic approach to society of the time. Fitzgerald uses his novel “The Great Gatsby” to portray the failure of the dream through his […]

Nick Carraway – Tom Buchanan Nick and Tom are such different characters in every way it is only normal they find little common ground. Nick seems impartial to every strong opinion Tom has. In general both of them are much too gentlemanly to have any quarrels, and instead get along without any issues. Both of […]

  Daisy Daisy uses her beauty to cover her true self. “he found what a grotesque thing a rose is and how raw the sunlight was upon the scarcely created grass.” This quote is a metaphor in which daisy is the rose, and she covers her cruel true self with beauty and innocence.  Gatsby Gatsby […]

Daisy Daisy is similar throughout until she once again meets Gatsby however this is only brief window in which she can feel. You understand how materialistic she is when discovers gatsby’s collection of shirts and that is one of two times she breaks into tear during the novel, the other being during gatsby and toms […]

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