Daisy is similar throughout until she once again meets Gatsby however this is only brief window in which she can feel. You understand how materialistic she is when discovers gatsby’s collection of shirts and that is one of two times she breaks into tear during the novel, the other being during gatsby and toms argument in the apartment.

Jay Gatsby

Gatsby builds up his caricature through rumours and misinformation. He remains secretive and mysterious to all. When he meets Nick his character become much more down to earth and real. He only did this as he knew Nick was passage to Daisy.


Nick is one of the most changeable characters and he seems to change opinion throughout the book multiple times. He begins with a promise of not judging anyone preemptively. As the narrator of this story he is from the beginning an outsider to the whole story an ends up having quite a bit of input and opinions on every situation or person.  The quote from Nick“I was within and without,

simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”  This shows Nick was from the beginning intrigued and overwhelmed by the extent of Daisy and Tom’s wealth and pretentious lifestyles.

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