Nick Carraway – Tom Buchanan

Nick and Tom are such different characters in every way it is only normal they find little common ground. Nick seems impartial to every strong opinion Tom has. In general both of them are much too gentlemanly to have any quarrels, and instead get along without any issues. Both of them being close to Daisy, they are friends in a distant sort of way. Tom sees Nick as an outsider, but a good man nonetheless, whereas Nick sees Tom as everything wrong with the indulgent lifestyle of New York. 

Jay Gatsby- Daisy Buchanan

The relationship between Gatsby and Daisy started from a lie, when Gatsby promised Daisy an easy life with plenty of money to pay for her every whim. Gatsby at this point in time was most definitely not rich but kept a good image in effort to work his way into the heart of a soft materialistic girl such as Daisy.  Their relationship was based purely on a lie, yet every was going fine until Gatsby was forced to go to war and parted from Daisy. During the 5 years until their next meeting Gatsby fantasized over Daisy the point of obsession. Though Daisy still loved him and wished to meet him again someday, she was faster to move on as a large part of the her original relationship relied on his money and ability to buy her anything she could want. To compensate for this she married Tom Buchanan.  When Gatsby returned into her life without second thought she had an affair with him once again, this time whilst she was married to Tom. Daisy at this point was redeveloping love towards Gatsby out of nostalgia and the thought of a “forbidden love” relationship. Gatsby’s passion for Daisy was immense but he didn’t give her enough time for her to love him back. An impatient Gatsby forced Daisy’s decision between him and she, of course, was torn but eventually took the easy way out which was to stay in her now more stable relationship with Tom.

Jay Gatsby- Nick Carraway

Nick’s first meeting with Gatsby is at one of his parties in which he did not at first recognize him.  However it was clear right away that they would be great friends. Gatsby needs Nick to get the direct connection to Daisy.  However i think his feelings towards him are genuine. They really have a connection. Nick for the longest of times doesn’t know what to think of Gatsby.  Gatsby then decided to turn his attention to.

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