Winter Dreams The Great Gatsby
Born and brought up in the east Born and brought up in the east
Creates his own wealth through his laundry company. Starts poor and eventually thrives with his bootlegging business.
The eyes are often referenced:

About Judy:

The eyes are often referenced:

about Daisy:

“Her face was sad and lovely with brights things in it, bright eyes and a bright passionate mouth.

Judy goes around with other men which makes Dexter jealous and he is by consequence even more madly in love because she is so unattainable. Daisy is almost mythical in Gatsby’s mind and is completely unattainable for him, which reinforces his illusion of his love of her
Dexter moves on and forces himself to forget about her to avoiding hurting himself any more. Gatsby dies partially by daisy’s fault and therefore cannot be with daisy.


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